Your Custom
LucentBid DSP

Light up your data

Illuminate your customer

Your data is YOURS.

Your first party data is one of your most valuable assets, and insights from your media spend should never be lost in a black box. With LucentBid, raw log-level data is at your fingertips, and the big picture is presented in an intuitive dashboard.

 Unlike the walled gardens, managed platforms and even white label solutions who obfuscate demographics or publishers, LucentBid makes it all transparent. Gain actionable insights from every advertising dollar, that you can use across your media buys. We believe your data is yours, to use as you see fit.

for In-Housing

Built Privacy Compliant

With stringent privacy regulations on the rise worldwide, controlling audience data has never been more critical. Keep your assets safe and your company compliant with flexible hosting options, on-prem, cloud or cloud hybrid.

Your data is SAFE.


Your custom algorithm

Bring your own or watch it build

Your data works for YOU.

Use your data to train your custom algorithm. LucentBid’s autonomous algorithm will build a custom model for your unique campaign, while its modular container infrastructure allows you to easily plug in your own proprietary algorithm or third party offering.

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